30 Subtle Signs

30 Subtle Signs

30 Subtle Signs Your Wife Is CheatingBest Life

Yes women are just as guilty of cheatingbut unlike their male counterparts theyre so good at maintaining aSo if women can cover their tracks so well then how are you supposed to tell whether your wife is cheating on you
Though men bear the brunt of most cheating accusations, the truth is that the number of women who have reported being unfaithful has increased by 40 percent since 1990, according to Esther Perel, a psychoanalyst and author of The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity. Yes, women are just as guilty of cheating—but unlike their male counterparts, they’re so good at maintaining a double-life that often times it’s almost impossible to tell an adulterous wife and a faithful one apart. So if women can cover their tracks so well, then how are you supposed to tell whether your wife is cheating on you? Well, if you’re reading this article, then it’s safe to say that you already have your suspicions—but before you make any confrontations or come to any conclusions, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the subtle signs your wife is cheating on you and watch out for them in your relationship. So read on, and for more marriage advice, don’t miss the 40 Secrets of Couples Who’ve Been Married 40 Years. ShutterstockEveryone has a Freudian slip every now and again, but this is one you’ll want to pay close attention to. If your wife keeps accidentally calling you another name in bed, it could mean that she’s either wishing you were someone else or is sleeping with someone else on the side, according to Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a licensed clinical psychologist and relationship expert at self-help website TONE Networks. ShutterstockNo wife will tell her husband not to do the laundry unless she has an ulterior motive. Often times, this odd request is directly related to infidelity, as the laundry could be hiding hidden signs of an affair (like receipts in pockets for romantic dinners you didn’t attend or a potential whiff of fragrance that isn’t yours). And if this describes your life, well, you may want to watch out for the 30 Things People Will Say if They Want to Cheat. ShutterstockIf your wife is scrubbing her social media clean of any evidence of your relationship, it could be a sign that she’s actively hiding it in order to make herself look available, according to Bethany Ricciardi, a sex and relationship expert with adult website TooTimid. And that’s not the only thing you have to worry about online: Here are 20 Ways Social Media Stresses Us Out. ShutterstockIf your wife is using her phone to communicate with her lover, then she is going to be sure to keep it on silent so as to avoid any questions about calls or texts. Think about it this way: You’re much less likely to be suspicious of your wife silencing her phone than you are of her ignoring it when it’s ringing off the hook. Shutterstock”If your interactions with your partner become less romantic and flirty, it’s a red flag, ” says Jonathan Bennett, a certified counselor and dating coach. If you notice your wife no longer using words like “honey” or “babe” in conversation, for instance, Bennett notes that this may be because your wife is slowing pushing you back into the friend zone. And for ways to turn a fizzling relationship into a fiery one, try these 40 Best Date Ideas If You’re Over 40. ShutterstockBe careful if your wife is allegedly spending extra hours at the office. Women will regularly tell their husbands that they’re working late as a cover-up for their adulterous after-hours affairs. And even if your partner is actually staying late at the office out of the blue, there still might be cause for concern, as it’s possible that she’s only staying longer to be closer to a coworker with whom she’s romantically involved. ShutterstockMost couples who have made it to the point of marriage trust one another enough to share passwords for personal accounts. So if out of nowhere your wife changes her passwords with some excuse about getting hacked, then it’s possible that there’s something on her accounts that she doesn’t want you to see (like sensual messages to people who aren’t you). ShutterstockWomen who are cheating need to know where their partners are at all times in order to plan their scandalous escapades accordingly. Otherwise, they run the risk of having their husbands walk in on them, ruining the charade they’ve worked so hard to build. And for tales on how the less fair gender has been caught, don’t miss these 17 Dumb Ways Men Have Been Busted Cheating. “If your wife is cheating, she may take on an intensive workout regimen, though not in a New Year’s resolution type of way, ” says Dr. Durvasula. Of course, if your wife has been talking about losing weight for months and is finally sticking to a strict regimen, this isn’t cause for concern. But if her interest in her appearance comes seemingly out of nowhere, it could be because she has someone new to impress. Shutterstock”When a relationship isn’t working out, you might find your partner is sharing less and less with you, ” explains Raffi Bilek, LCSW-C, director of the Baltimore Therapy Center. “Sharing is a sign of closeness and connection—and when that deteriorates, it’s a sign that you are becoming more disconnected instead. Certainly if someone is cheating, you’re likely to get a lot of silence and obfuscation about what they’re actually doing with their time. ” ShutterstockAt the beginning of your marriage, you’d ask your wife about her day and she’d give you a pretty basic answer about work (or maybe the morning pilates class). Now, however, when you ask your wife about how her day went, she goes into overwhelming detail about what she ate for lunch, whom she talked to at work, and all the new projects she’s been assigned to. If it sounds like your wife is oversharing details to corroborate her story, chances are, she is. ShutterstockIronically enough, an easy way to tell whether your wife is being loyal is by how often she accuses you of infidelity. People who are cheating on their significant others will project their guilt onto them, often in the form of the blame game. “These accusations are often a sign of self-guilt, and it also will put the blame on you, causing you to be on the defense and distracted from their actions, ” says Ricciardi. “It’s quite manipulative… because they get so upset during the conversation, you start to think they hate cheating and would never do it to you, when in reality they might have [done it] already. ” If you click on your wife’s Facebook profile and notice that her relationship status has either changed or is just nowhere to be found, then it may be time to consider that the relationship is far from rock solid. Many women who are cheating use this tactic to signal to potential partners that they’re open to new relationships—good news for your wife’s Facebook friend list, but bad news for you. And for more ways on how people use the internet for infidelity, brush up on the 20 Social Media Habits That Are Technically Cheating. Any woman hiding a secret as big as infidelity is going to distance herself as much as possible from her spouse and their inner circle. The more she hangs around the group, the more she risks slipping up and accidentally revealing something about her affair. Plus, if a woman is getting ready to leave her marriage for another man, she is going to want to work on creating a life that doesn’t involve her spouse or any of their friends and family. ShutterstockYou suggest trying a new restaurant for date night, but instead of getting excited at the prospect of switching things up, your wife gets nervous and suggests staying in and cooking instead. What gives? According to Laura F. Dabney, MD, a psychotherapist and marriage expert, this could be because her and her new lover frequent the very restaurant you suggested, and she doesn’t want to risk getting recognized by the waitstaff. We all love getting presents from our significant others—but if your wife is gifting you expensive watches and Hamilton tickets out of the blue, she could just be trying to ease her own conscience. “It’s commonly known that gift-giving is a way to butter someone up when you’re feeling guilty about something, ” explains Charlotte Rivers, a relationship expert. “So what could your wife be guilty of? Most likely: cheating. ” And for more ways to spot trouble at home, read up on the 20 Subtle Signs You’re in a Bad Marriage and Don’t Know It. ShutterstockYou probably don’t think twice when your wife asks to try new positions in the bedroom, but these new moves could be cause for concern. According to Don-David Lusterman, Ph. D., author of Infidelity: A Survival Guide, your wife has to be learning these new tricks from someone, and if that person isn’t you, then it’s more than likely that she is getting her inspiration from another man. Listen to your wife when she tells you that she’s not happy. According to a poll of 544 cheating adults by the National Opinion Research Center, women who said they were “not too happy” in their marriages were almost four times more likely to cheat compared to women who described themselves as “very happy” in their marriages. Plus, nearly half of the women polled believed that an affair is acceptable if the marriage is unhappy. If you need help correcting course, start with the 50 Relationship Quotes to Reignite Your Love. It’s nice to imagine that your wife is gussying up to re-spark the fire in your relationship, but if you’ve been having problems for a while, then that’s probably just wishful thinking. The more likely scenario is that your significant other has found someone else to court and wants to look good during the delicate, beginning stages of this new relationship. “If your partner previously cared little about her appearance but has made big changes out of the blue—like buying new clothes or wearing makeup more often—it could indicate an effort to impress another person, ” says Bennett. And if you want to spruce up your appearance, try these 15 Genius Tricks for Appearing More Attractive. A cheater might be able to keep up the charade of a happy marriage (at least for a while), but it’s much more difficult for them to erase thoughts of their lover, even when they’re with their significant other. “It’s not a good sign when you’re talking about the back deck wood rot and your wife has a dreamy look in her eyes, ” says Dabney. “This probably means that instead of paying attention to you, she’s thinking about her new flame. ” ShutterstockAccording to a study conducted by David C. Atkins, Ph. D., a clinical psychologist at the Travis Research Institute, one of the early warning signs of an affair is spending ample time apart. Evidently, the husbands of women who cheated noted that they didn’t think they needed to put in as much effort after tying the knot, which led to their wives wandering off with someone who was willing to pick up the slack. Your wife might not come out and tell you directly that she’s having an affair, but if you know how to read between the lines, her words could be an indication that something not-so-kosher is happening behind the scenes. As thoughts of infidelity will certainly cloud her mind, she might say things like “What are your thoughts on an open relationship? ” or “Did I tell you that Tina at work is cheating on her husband? ” And while these aren’t upfront admissions of wrongdoings, they are signs that your wife has other people on the mind. Even people who love one another are going to fight sometimes, but usually those fights are over something that’s actually important. Partners who are mostly checked out of their relationship, however, might find that every little thing their significant other does is beyond abhorrent, leading to little fights that make no sense to the partner on the receiving end of the scrutiny. “[When my partner was cheating on me], everything I did was wrong or awful or stupid and I was the crazy one, ” wrote one Reddit user. And for ways to rekindle a dying romance, try the 50 Best Marriage Tips of All Time. ShutterstockNormally, you and your wife go grocery shopping together every Sunday, but recently she’s been making excuses as to why she needs to go alone. Maybe one day it’s something about getting her nails done and another it’s something about meeting a friend for lunch—but whatever it is, it doesn’t involve you whatsoever. If you’re suspicious of your wife’s whereabouts during these solo trips, simply insist on tagging along one day to see what your wife is actually up to. ShutterstockSure, those mysterious phone calls could be spam—but if they were just solicitors like your wife claims, then why does she keep answering them and going outside to talk? If your wife is going to the salon to get her eyebrows and bikini line cleaned up all of a sudden, then it might be worth considering that she’s not doing this for your benefit. Women aren’t going to just start caring about their appearance out of nowhere—usually there’s a reason, and more often than not, that reason is a new romantic interest. Shutterstock”If your wife’s messages have lost that loving touch, then her attention might be going toward someone else, ” says Justin Lavelle, chief communications director at background search website PeopleLooker. com. “Most women want to make their man feel special and loved, so if conversations don’t feel the same as they did when you started dating, it could be a sign that she’s lost her interest in you. ” ShutterstockA good spouse is your lover, your best friend, and your go-to confidante in both the good times and the bad. So if you find that your wife is confiding in you less and less, it likely means that she has replaced you with someone else—and not just in the confidante department. And to avoid making your bad relationship worse, never use any of these 40 Relationship Tips That Are Actually Terrible. ShutterstockIf you don’t have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and your wife somehow gets one, it’s safe to assume that she got it by hooking up with someone else. “There are some big ticket physical ways to tell if someone is cheating, like if they get a sexually transmitted infection and you don’t have one, ” says Ramani. Misery loves company—so if your wife is seriously considering cheating on you (or already has), then she’s going to want her single pals by her side, not her bogged-down friends who are going to lecture her ear off about the sanctity of marriage. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter!

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Why I Cheated On My Husband Five women share the reasons that led them to strayThe first question that comes to mind when a spouse cheats is Why A recent study by the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada
The first question that comes to mind when a spouse cheats is: Why? A recent study by the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, attempted to answer that question and found that the reasons behind infidelity differ greatly between the sexes. For men, it’s typically about the sex—the more sexually excitable they are, the more likely they are to cheat. For women, it’s more about the level of satisfaction in her relationship; if a woman is unhappy in her marriage, she’s 2. 6 times more likely to cheat. Regardless of the reason, there’s one thing that’s certain: infidelity is devastating. But there can be a silver lining. “In many cases, it forces issues to the surface of a relationship that would have never otherwise been dealt with, ” says Kevin Hansen, author of Secret Regrets: What if You Had a Second Chance? Read on to discover what life lessons these five women gained through their personal experiences with infidelity—and what you can learn from their stories. RELATED: 10 Surprising Traits Men Who Cheat Have in Common”My husband was abusive. ” “From the day I married my husband, I knew it was a mistake, ” says 50-year-old Elizabeth Smith. * “He was abusive, controlling and expected me to quit my job to make a home for him. ” A little over a year into the marriage, she began having an affair with a man that she worked with. “I had no illusions that I was in love, but it was eye-opening to be with someone that made me feel good about myself, made me laugh and respected me for who I was—not who he wanted me to be, ” she says. “The affair helped me find myself and proved to me that I could live a life independent of my husband. It also gave me the courage to ask for a divorce. Twenty-five years later, I’m married to a wonderful man. We love making each other happy, and never try to change who the other person is, ” she says. What You Can Learn: While the confidence gained from the affair may have given her the spark she needed to get out of a bad relationship, New York City psychologist Michael E. Silverman, PhD, says if you’re in an abusive relationship, deception isn’t the best way to deal with it. Get help first from a trusted friend, family member, therapist or one of the numerous nationwide resources instead. “We began to resent each other. ” When Vanessa Myers*, 28, married her husband six years ago, they both couldn’t wait to have children, but after their wedding day something changed for her. “I started to really love my job, and kids didn’t seem to fit into the picture, ” she says. Her husband was hurt by her change of heart, and began to resent her. “We started fighting a lot, and I resented him for resenting me and we were just constantly hurting each other, ” she says. “One night I caught him trying to slip off the condom and that was pretty much the end of our sex life. ” Ultimately, the lack of intimacy caused Vanessa to cheat. “I met a guy online and we dated for about a year, ” she says. “It ended when my husband caught me. ” Vanessa and her husband agreed to seek therapy separately and together, and were able to save their marriage. “The biggest lesson I learned was that if I was unhappy in my marriage, my husband was only 50% to blame. [Having] an affair gave me the courage to ask for what I wanted in my marriage, ” she says. What You Can Learn: While what her husband did may be shocking, the fact that there was unaddressed anger in the relationship created fertile ground for an affair, says Dr. Silverman. “Coupled with the lack of sexual intimacy there was nothing left to hang a relationship on, ” he says Even though the affair helped Vanessa learn some valuable lessons and the relationship was ultimately saved, Dr. Silverman stresses the importance of open and honest communication in a relationship as a way for a couple to stay connected—before one of the spouses seeks comfort or intimacy outside of the marriage. RELATED: 12 Shocking Facts About Cheaters”I was bored and unhappy. ” At 35-years-old, Barbara Gisborne was living the American dream. She lived in Madison, Wisconsin, with her loving husband and two children—but she was miserable. “My husband was a good man, but I was bored inside and out, ” she says. “In our community, I always felt like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. ” That year, she was in Chicago on business and met Bob, an Australian man, on an elevator. “We had an instant connection. We exchanged numbers, kept in touch, and I decided to fly out to Australia to see him and get him out of my system, ” she says. “Instead, I fell in love. ” She left everything she knew—her hometown, her husband, her job and her country—to start her life over with Bob in Australia. “I became strong, independent, confident and much worldlier, ” she says. “That was 25 years ago and now I can say that my affair was the turning point in my life’s journey. Today, Bob and I are married, own a winery in Australia, and have five children and 10 grandchildren between us. ” What You Can Learn: Though Barbara’s story ended up with a “happily ever after, ” that’s not always the case when it comes to infidelity, which is why Dr. Silverman suggests looking inside yourself if you’re unhappy or bored with your relationship. “Healthy relationships grow and evolve, and feeling bored is a symptom of relationship stagnation. Rather than having an affair, increase the romance, change habitual patterns within the relationship and communicate more about your feelings and needs. ” If you just need a change of pace, try booking an exotic vacation with your husband or girlfriends, or discuss moving to a new city and starting over. “My husband was a workaholic. ” For 10 years, 49-year-old Barbara Singer created a life independent of her husband because he was never around. “Gary was totally consumed and exhausted by his work—there was nothing left for me, ” she says. “I was totally committed to my family and gave it my all, but knew in my heart that I certainly did not want this for rest of my life. ” One night, she met up with Tom, an acquaintance, and ended up staying out all night with him. Within a few weeks of meeting him, she ended her marriage, and two years later, she and Tom were married. But within a month, he died of a heart attack. “Meeting Tom was the best and worst thing that ever happened to me. He came into my life and woke me up, showing me…that life is precious and that at any given moment, it can all be taken away, so if I have a dream or a goal, I better get moving on it, ” she says. What You Can Learn: “Barbara felt alone for many years, and feeling disconnected from your partner is the genesis of most of the affairs I see in my practice, ” says Dr. The remedy? Speak up and begin a dialogue with your partner. Engaging in open, honest communication about your needs with your husband is the key to help a stalled marriage. To find out more about Barbara’s story, go to LivingWithoutReservations. com. RELATED: 11 Sneaky Signs He’s Having an Affair”He was unfaithful first. ” Larie Norvell had only been married about a year when she found out that her husband had cheated on her. “I was very angry, but I was also very hurt, because I felt like I wasn’t enough for him—like there was something I wasn’t doing for him as his wife, which is why he felt the need to go outside of our marriage, ” says the 33-year-old. That jumble of mixed emotions was the impetus for her affair. “I cheated on him—mostly for revenge, but in retrospect it was also because I wanted validation. I wanted to know that I was still desirable to other men, ” she says. Once her affair was discovered, the couple separated for a few months—but then began to seek counseling and were able to salvage their marriage. What You Can Learn: Retribution is a common feeling when someone has been betrayed, says Dr. “Anger can be quite powerful in clouding one’s judgment, ” he says, which is why he urges any couple dealing with infidelity to seek counseling. Fortunately for Larie, her relationship endured the double deception. “The biggest lesson we’ve learned through all the struggles in 14½ years is that we are enough for each other, ” she says. *Names have been changed to protect identity.

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